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Vonstarlite Kennel Czech import dogs in Lehigh Acres Florida, Personal Protection Quality German Shepherd Dogs for sale

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About Me

I have been an animal lover all of my   Life. I have bred different breeds of Dogs and cats for many years. But when I met My first German shepherd I knew  it Was the breed for me. Living out in the  country on 2 acres just southwest of  Orlando FL , we have plenty of room
for my passion ,which led to a love for Working line DDR & CZECH German  Shepherds. They are the most amazing  Intelligent & devoted partner, they will Give their life for yours.

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About Us

 Our Focus

Our dogs are bred with spirits that will ensemble your whole family. Our dogs can go on to be many things within your family or even go on to work or be a breeding dog; search and rescue, agility, obedience, retrievers, schutzhund, police/ Patrol, tracking, dogs and the best part is they will be very loyal to you and your family, and snuggle with you, and bark to alert you and your family when things are not right. If a situation presents itself your K-9 Paws German Shepherd will do what it takes to keep you and your family safe. The shear presence of a German shepherd in a home is a Natural deterrent for most potential criminals. We strive to work with and breed very beautiful, sound minded & healthy German Shepherds so that you can enjoy great companions as well as amazing working dogs! To achieve this we only use imported dogs from top German show lines, and from top Czech working imported lines. Our puppies are raised in our home and socialized with us from birth!!
Price :  ( please contact for price ) including Florida health certificate from our vet, full AKC registration ,and limited registration, 1 years Hip and Elbow warranty, 1 year congenity health problem and microchip.
Email/call us to make an appointment to visit our dogs; appointments are need
because of our work schedule outside of our home.

~~The State of Florida requires us to charge sales tax to all Florida residents.~~

We are a small family run German Shepherd Dog kennel. We are hobbits breeder just for the love of the German Shepherd Dog. We are located in Lehigh Arces, Florida.  Our dogs live in our home just as if they were our children. We breed German Shepherds because we love this Exceptional breed. We breed German Shepherds because we admire their intelligence, strength, persistence, and most importantly their loyalty! We are focusing on staying small so we have enough time to give ALL of our dog’s one on one time and the attention that they need, so they can continue living with us as family and not be stuck in kennels outside.  We do not wish to grow big and have  more dogs then we can care for and train.  We enjoy being a small family run kennel and having a small breeding program. We think there are too many breeders that are in it for all the wrong reasons, because they think they are going to make money Money is not what is important to us, quality is what we aim for and that is why our dogs go through so much testing before becoming part of our small and elect breeding program. Before we acquired our breeding dogs we did a lot of research on the lines that we were going to be adding to our breeding program. We DO NOT breed or have any American lines in our breeding program. We stick with imported German lines and Czech imported lines.  ALL OF OUR BREEDING DOGS ARE Hip tested AND ELBOW TESTED!! We will not breed dogs that do not pass hip or elbows testing or have bad hip or elbow or any health problems in the lines.
We feed our dog’s raw Chicken
with a healthy mixture of chopped fresh vegetables. and for dry food we feed

BlueRidgeBeeef and Purina Pro Plan