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Vonstarlite Kennel Czech import dogs in Lehigh Acres Florida, Personal Protection Quality German Shepherd Dogs for sale

 We welcome home our newest girl Garcia Alanex  she is being shipped to us directly from Czech after her training .

Race: German Shepherd
Variety: short-haired

Color; Solid Black German Shepherds are referred to as 'Lacquer Blacks' 
Breeded in:CMKU FCI
Nickname: Garcia
Date of birth; 25.03.2015
Height / Weight: 65 lbs.
Pedigree number: CMKU DS 98476/15

Titles; BH, Z V V L 1, IOP1

X-rays: HD, ED 0/0

All of our dogs are DNA tested so you may verify
our dogs come from the pedigree we advertise ,

She has a strong drive that will be reproduced in her puppies. She is personal protection trained, and does her job very well.

 she has a great temperament, extreme ball drive, lots of expression, Loving and protective nature

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