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Vassco z Jirkova dvora

Vassco is the newest male to our kennel

Vassco 's Czech title

Vassco's  hips and elbows certified excellent



Vassco is a titled Czech import, has his hips and elbows certified excellent. He has a medium to high prey drive and loves to bite. He is good with other animals, dogs and is a very easy dog to handle. He is great at personal protection, has a great temperament, we are very excited to add this great dog to our breeding program.

Vassco is line bred to some of the three best dogs that came from the Pohranicni straze border patrol kennel:

SG Xero z Pohranicni straze CS SCHH3 IPO3 ZVV1 4,4 - 5
SG Tom z Pohranicni Straze 1994 Czech Police Dog, SP-PS, ZVV2, OP1 5 - 5
SG Grim z Pohranicni straze ZVV3, IPO3, SCHH3, ZPS1, ZM, FH1 (V7 WUSV 1997) (UM CR 1996, 1997) (UMS 1997) 5,5 - 5

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